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Why Call it Solid Fire?

There’s an art to building a fire…

There’s an art to building a fire,
To creating the structure that holds your mission.
You start with very small pieces of kindling.
Twigs. Leaves. Dried grass.
Then you build up to larger sticks, laying them carefully against each other,
Forming a miniature log cabin or tiny pyramid.
You might lay on the heaviest logs now, or perhaps you’ll strike a match first.
People are harder to work with than sticks and leaves and grass.
How do you know what to do next?
Do you make a small spark? Lay down a more solid foundation?

Solid Fire Consulting provides organization and structure that is pragmatic in purpose and on fire with the passion of your cause. We create the container that helps your blaze jump higher.

When I was thinking about what to name this consulting practice, I made lots of lists. Lists of the kinds of organizations I’d like to work with, lists of the kinds of skills I have, lists of personal qualities I value, lists of people I wanted to collaborate with. I’m a big list maker. I like to have a global sense of both myself and situations before I zero in and make a choice, focus on a solution. It’s an approach I encourage organizations to use as well.

I let my lists sit for a few days. Later, when I went back over them, I realized two core qualities were emerging: solidity and fieriness. I am fire and earth.

I thought about the four elements evoked by so many different cultures and practices across the globe and history: fire, water, earth, and air.

My powers are in harnessing both an organization’s passion (fire) and pragmatism (earth).

So, Solid Fire it is. Our work with you is earthy, pragmatic, and solution-focused. It’s also passionate, energizing, and demanding of you and ourselves.