What Folks are Saying


“Alissa is as effective and reflective a consultant as I have ever worked with to process difficult issues. She is the primary consultant that we have worked with over the last year as we have wrestled with growing into our new equity mission.”

David Addams, Executive Director, William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund

“Alissa brings a toolkit and perspective to organizational development that I have not experienced elsewhere, and I’ve worked with many consultants. She goes beyond the surface issues affecting the organization. The result is more organizational transparency, clarity, trust, and overall health. When she’s done, you have an organization that is more focused, more strategic, and with tools to break free of old patterns.”

Olivia Hatch Farr, Co-Founder, Bedford 2020 Coalition

“Alissa creates conversations that bring people together in creative ways. She inspires people towards thinking in new ways to problem-solve, and to develop new ideas for themselves, their organizations, and their communities. Alissa uses interpersonal skills, creative techniques, and a bit of magic/symbolic work to connect people and organizations to their visions and goals. Her work can move a person, organization, or community through a stuck period to a place of renewal and growth.”

Wendy Cole, Director, Maple Street School

“Thank you for your great workshop at the Alliance for Nonprofit Management conference. I so appreciate your energetic, fun presence as a facilitator and the interactive workshop that engaged us on assessing organizational culture. I was inspired by how your presence aligns with your brand—Solid Fire—and how you show up to your work with that fiery energy and sense of purpose.”

Carole Ann Penney, Consultant, Fio Partners and Penney Leadership

“Alissa provided hands-on support with agenda development and facilitation for our all-staff, two-day retreat. We were impressed with her ability to listen empathetically, absorb interpersonal dynamics, and design creative activities. Onsite, she was nimble and able to modify the agenda in real time in response to our team. Her support enabled our team to bring more of ourselves as people to work.”

Saphna Shah, Director of Strategy, Global Impact Investing Network

“I feel extraordinarily lucky to have been a part of Alissa’s strategic planning sessions. Having the opportunity to ask and explore the ‘big questions’ about my department’s mission, vision, values, and beyond proved to be an invaluable professional education. I not only have a clearer vision of my department’s big picture and my role within it, but of organizational principles that will remain relevant regardless of where I work.”

Naomi Dubin, Program Manager, 92nd Street YM-YWHA

“Alissa facilitated our first ever strategic planning process. Beyond producing a high quality product, it was her skill and ability to listen carefully and synthesize volumes of information and ideas that really stood out. Alissa’s intuitive listening skills, ability to provide new perspectives, and commitment to meeting us where we were gifted us a strategic plan that we can all believe in and that will help us achieve our goals far into the future.”

Linda Saleh, Board Member, New York Abortion Access Fund

“Thank you again. Your work has been giving us a lot to think about, and has been incredibly informative and helpful. We’re already having rich discussions about how this informs our work and strategy – with partners, with ideas for changing how we measure our impact, and with branding/organizational identity efforts. I think the fact that the whole team is so engaged with it really speaks to how helpful it is. Thanks so much for putting so much thought and effort into it. You can rest assured that your work will have an impact!”

Jill Mizell, Research Associate, The Opportunity Agenda/footer>

“My experience working with Alissa as a coach has been invaluable. She gives incredibly constructive and practical feedback that is always underlined with support and guidance. I have experienced tremendous professional growth as a result of my work with Alissa.”

Sara Darvish, Manager of Evaluation and Quality Assurance, New Pathways, Inc.