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Planning and Design

Creating the container that helps your blaze jump higher

I design and facilitate program and organizational planning and design processes that are productive, efficient, collaborative, and engaging. I will help you take the myriad of ideas swirling in everyone’s heads and create an actionable framework with which to examine and prioritize them.

Depending on your needs, I can work with you on:

  • Refining your passion (mission) statement, vision, and values,
  • Developing responses to changes in the external environment (e.g. partners and competition, funding streams, clients’ and participants’ needs),
  • Developing responses to internal organizational changes (e.g. staffing, governance, services),
  • Developing goals, action steps, timelines, and required resources for programmatic and operational functions,
  • Developing internal communication strategies and processes, and
  • Tracking and evaluating progress.

What Clients Say

“Alissa is as effective and reflective a consultant as I have ever worked with to process difficult issues. She is the primary consultant that we have worked with over the last year as we have wrestled with growing into our new equity mission.”

David Addams, Executive Director, William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund

“Alissa facilitated our first ever strategic planning process. Beyond producing a high quality product, it was her skill and ability to listen carefully and synthesize volumes of information and ideas that really stood out. Alissa’s intuitive listening skills, ability to provide new perspectives, and commitment to meeting us where we were gifted us a strategic plan that we can all believe in and that will help us achieve our goals far into the future.”

Linda Saleh, Board Member, New York Abortion Access Fund

“I found very useful the way the whole retreat was planned, and how we moved the discussion from the general to the specifics of our organization. One of the most helpful things was to learn how to approach a situation and how to deal with time while discussing important concepts/issues. We learned a format that we will be able to use again in different situations (i.e. decision-making, planning, grant applications, etc.) Thank you!!”

Advisory Group Member, Have Art: Will Travel