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Participatory Facilitation

Tapping into the collective wisdom of your group

I facilitate productive, interactive meetings and retreats among many kinds of stakeholders, including funders, executive team members, Boards of Directors, program providers and recipients, and professional groups. I work closely with your key stakeholders to develop the purpose and flow of a meeting, including identifying key decisions that need to be made, resolving conflict, building trust, and developing collaborative ideas and strategy for moving forward.

Some of the participatory methodologies I use and adapt are:

  • Circle Practice
  • World Cafe
  • Open Space
  • ProAction Cafe
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Collective Storytelling Harvest
  • Experiential and Arts-Based Activities
  • Online Interactive Facilitation

What Clients Say

“Thanks again for fabulous facilitation and herding us towards outcomes. It was a very, very productive gathering for all of us.”

Aliza Mazor, Executive Director, Bikkurim: Advancing New Jewish Ideas

“I want to thank you, deeply, for the sharing, learning, space, and intention that you brought to our founding cohort of Cultural Agents. I can see in their communiques since that the Open Space technology has really opened up new ideas and possibilities for many of them. Delightful, exciting things are emerging and you played an important role in shifting the tone of our conversation.”

Adam Horowitz, Director, U.S. Department of Arts and Culture (a national social change and community development movement using arts and culture as its medium)