Crafting Strategy

Solid Fire Consulting works with you to develop your organization’s vision, mission, and values, and to ensure these are aligned with organizational strategies, structure, and culture. By clarifying values and establishing a clear vision and mission to serve as your organization’s North Star, we establish a framework that will guide all organizational processes, from hiring, to programmatic decision-making and planning, to organizational structure and culture. 

Working with you and key stakeholders, including staff, Board, communities you serve, and partner organizations and coalitions, we design and facilitate program and organizational planning and design processes that are engaging, productive, efficient, and collaborative. We will help you take the myriad of ideas swirling in everyone’s heads and create an actionable framework to examine and prioritize them.

Solid Fire Consulting supports your strategy crafting in the following areas:

  • Mission, vision, and values
  • Organizational culture assessment and change
  • Organizational structure and governance 
  • Succession planning, including executive and founders coaching
  • Understanding and developing responses to changes in the external environment (e.g. partners and competition, funding streams, clients’ and participants’ needs)
  • Theories of change