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our approach

Our Approach

This is how we make the magic happen

Solid Fire Consulting creates and provides earthy, pragmatic, and engaging solutions to complex organizational challenges.

Our approach when working with you is…

    • Collaborative: We work closely with multiple stakeholders in your group to meet your needs.
    • Customized and Innovative: We customize and create new conversational structures that address your group’s needs.
    • Equitable: We help you comfortably address power dynamics within groups.
    • Creative: We appropriately incorporate the arts and creative expression into our work with you.
    • Present: We are warm and emotionally intelligent. We know how to engage participants’ full selves in the work we are doing together.
    • Flexible: We are able to respond in the moment to emerging needs of your group.
    • Efficient: We know your time is valuable and tailor our services appropriately.
    • Informed: We are well grounded in several relevant facilitation, evaluation, and organizational development disciplines and have worked with many different kinds of groups.
    • Passionate: We love what we do and will help you love the work you’re doing together!