Values and Approach

Solid Fire Consulting holds space for joy and possibility.

Our understanding of how we are part of a larger ecosystem of changemakers is rooted in the following values and approaches:

  • Joy and Love: Working/dancing/playing from a place of whole heartedness, generativity, and expansiveness makes our work together engaging, meaningful, and impactful. Working from a place of joy and love is inherently an act of resistance against social injustice.
  • Possibility: Possibilitarians dream of a better world by putting one foot in front of the other, taking small steps in the right direction. We bridge passion (fire) with pragmatism (earth).
  • Racial and Social Equity: Addressing inequalities that cut across lines of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, ability, and other social injustices is foundational and at the core of social change.
  • Interdependence: We’re in this changemaking enterprise together. We cannot have positive impact on complex social challenges without collaborating with other people, communities, and networks.
  • Inclusion: We need stakeholders with different points of view, values, experience, and social identities to participate in change efforts. It’s the only way to assure our work is sustainable.
  • Wholeness: We practice bringing our full selves to our change efforts and encourage groups we work with to practice individual and collective self-care and reflection.
  • Courage: We take risks and try new ways of doing things. Sometimes we fail. That’s inherent to experimentation. We learn from our failures and move on.
  • Emergence: We acknowledge the inherent uncertainty that comes from taking on complex challenges. We trust that we have the solutions we need.